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Trabalho: Correlation between Fibromyalgia and Temporomandibular Dysfunctions - A Systematic Review

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Trabalho: The effect of zoledronate-containing primer on dentin bonding of a universal adhesive

Trabalho: In vivo biocompatibility of an interim denture resilient liner containing antifungal drugs


Trabalho: Effects of Composites Containing Bioactive Glasses on Demineralized Dentin

Trabalho: Micro-Raman Vibrational Identification of 10-MDP Bond to Zirconia and Shear Bond Strength Analysis

Trabalho: Acesso cirúrgico modificado para remoção de tórus palatino: Relato de caso

Trabalho: Physicochemical and rheological characterization of different Carnoy0 s solutions applied in oral and maxillofacial surgery


Trabalho: Efficacy of new natural biomodification agents from Anacardiaceae extracts on dentin collagen cross-linking

Trabalho: Effects of At-home Bleaching in Smokers: 30-month Follow-up

Trabalho: Tratamento cirúrgico de ameloblastoma sólido convencional: relato de caso clínico

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Trabalho: In Vitro Evaluation of Experimental Self-Adhesive Orthodontic Composites Used to Bond Ceramic Brackets

Trabalho: Two-year clinical evaluation of proanthocyanidins added to a two-step etch-and-rinse adhesive

Trabalho: Degradation of Adhesive-Dentin Interfaces Created Using Different Bonding Strategies after Five-year Simulated Pulpal Pressure

Trabalho: Efeito de diferentes agentes desinfetantes na estabilidade dimensional de materiais de moldagem

Trabalho: Radiopacity and mechanical properties of dental adhesives with strontium hydroxyapatite nanofillers

Trabalho: Dentin Biomodification Agents in Dentistry–A Critical Review


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Trabalho: Letter to the Editor replying to Armen Nersesyan about the article published in Clinical Oral Investigations tilted “Smoking increases the frequency of micronuclei in the oral mucosa of adults relative to non-smokers—a systematic review and meta-analysis”

Trabalho: Injeção de agregados plaquetários no rejuvenescimento facial: uma revisão sistemática

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Tooth Sensitivity After Dental Bleaching With a Desensitizer-containing and a Desensitizer-free Bleaching Gel: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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